CleverHiker Video Reviews

Initial reports from our Lightweight & Ultralight Backpacking Foundations launch have been incredibly positive and enthusiastic. The emails that I'm receiving are a constant reminder that this project will help provide useful resources for backpackers of all levels.  Here's an example of a note that came in this morning. Getting emails like this absolutely makes my day!  



Started watching your videos and they are great.  Would have saved me a lot of money not buying four different books to get the same info.  I believe you are spot on with what I have watched so far.  I think every hiker needs to watch these videos to see how unscary ultralight hiking is.  I plan on spreading the gospel for you I have talked to lots of people about ultralight backpacking. They seem interested to learn and now I can tell them about your video series that explains everything. Your video series prevents boring reading and hours of searching for gear on the web. Keep up the good work and stay in touch.  Love your site.



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