Production Update


We've made huge strides this week in the production of CleverHiker Season 1 - Lightweight & Ultralight Backpacking Foundations! The series is being designed for backpackers of all levels – from experienced hikers planning thru-hikes to first-timers looking to avoid blisters and backaches.

Our video lineup consists of 10 videos that are 5-7 minutes each and provide step-by-step instructions on how to pack light.

Episode 1 - Lightweight & Ultralight Basics Episode 2 - Ultralight Shelters Episode 3 - Ultralight Backpacks Episode 4 - Sleeping Systems Episode 5 - Essential Items & First Aid Episode 6 - Ultralight Cooking Episode 7 - Trail Food Episode 8 - Footwear & Trekking Poles Episode 9 - Clothing & Raingear Episode 10 - Water Purification

We are still shooting for a mid-May release date for the Lightweight & Ultralight Backpacking Foundations series and it will be available by digital download from our website.

Our website is in production and will hopefully be up and running in less than a month.