The Road from Karakol - Short Film

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If you can spare 25 minutes for a short film that is sure to inspire any adventurer, have a look at The Road from Karakol presented by Outdoor Research. It's a powerful story, with breathtaking landscapes, and a compelling focus character, Kyle Dempster. This film's depiction of true adventure shines throughout, at times deeply depressing and at times sincerely exhilarating. At its core the film poses the question; "When the road ends, will you keep going?"

"In Summer of 2011, alpinist Kyle Dempster set out across Kyrgyzstan’s back roads on his bike.  His goal – ride across the country via old Soviet roads while climbing as many of the region’s impressive peaks as possible. He was alone. He carried only a minimalist’s ration of climbing gear.  Ten Kyrgyz words rounded out his vocabulary.  He’d purchased his bike just weeks before and had never bike toured."