Nature’s Coffee Kettle Review

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I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, and there’s hardly a better place to enjoy it than the great outdoors. A good cup of Joe is always better with a great view.

Nature’s Coffee Kettle is a new product that helps make the entire process easier. Their portable drip coffee bag lets you enjoy artisan coffee without any mess. Boil water, pour it in the bag, and let it filter for a tasty cup of java on the trail.

Mountain Morning and a cup of Joe
Mountain Morning and a cup of Joe

The bags are compact and very light. One bag weighs only 1.2oz (34grams) and you won’t need any additional brewing equipment. Each pouch brews about four cups of coffee, so it’s a great product for a group of 2-4 hikers. The bags are reusable, and Nature’s Coffee Kettle sells refill pouches at a reduced price. But the best part is the taste. There’s hardly a better option out there for a quality cup of coffee on the trail.

If you’re like me and you prefer strong brew java, it’s easy to increase the strength of your coffee. The seal-top bag allows you to run coffee through the grounds several times just by flipping it over. Once the coffee is strong enough for your taste, simply unscrew the cap and pour yourself a tasty cup.

Morning coffee!
Morning coffee!

The only downside to this product is increased garbage weight. If you’re a responsible backpacker, you practice leave no trace backpacking. That means you’ll have to pack out your spent coffee ground bags. You would have to do the same thing with a French press, but it’s a lot messier. You won’t have to cary out spent grounds with instant coffee, but the quality of your java won’t compare. I might not bring Nature’s Coffee Kettle bags on an ultralight trip, but for most of my backcountry trips, they will be a fantastic coffee upgrade.

Dave starting the process
Dave starting the process

Nature’s Coffee Kettle bags also come in a range of flavors. Their most popular is regular 100% Colombian, but they also offer hazelnut, organic, organic mountain blueberry and decaf. All the flavors are delicious, but my personal favorite is a strong roast of the 100% Colombian. They also make black tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and even tomato soup. Founder Matt Hustedt was kind enough to send me a sampling of their products and I must admit, I was very impressed.

I think the prices for NCK products are reasonable, especially considering the quality and quantity that each bag yields. If you’re looking for a convenient coffee upgrade, I recommend giving Nature’s Coffee Kettle a try.


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