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Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

The Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag offers the warmth of a hooded sleeping bag and the ventilation of a quilt all in one. It has one of the best warmth-to-weight ratios among all the choices on the market, and will surely become a top choice for heat-seeking hikers looking to dial in their gear.

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The Zpacks Mummy Bag will cost you a little more than a mass-produced bag, but it’s handmade with the highest quality materials available. It’s also designed specifically for the needs of hikers who are looking to cut weight where it matters. This bag is also a bit delicate, but it’s well worth the tradeoffs if you’re dedicated to minimizing pack weight and maximizing comfort on the trail.

Quick Specs

Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag

Price: $559

Weight: 1 lb. 11.7 oz.

Temperature Rating: 10F

Other Styles:


  • Ultralight
  • Compact
  • Dry bag included
  • Warm
  • Hooded
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Expensive
  • Ultralight materials less durable
The Zpacks Mummy Bag has one of the best warmth-to-weight ratios on the market

Temperature Rating

We chose the 10-degree Mummy Bag for more versatility in shoulder seasons and high-alpine terrain. You may want to do the same if you’re a cold sleeper and want to be comfortable with nighttime lows in the 20’s. We also think the 20F Mummy is great, and it will likely be more popular for the typical 3-season backpacker.


The Zpacks Mummy Bag is one of the lightest options on the market for those who want full coverage & a full zipper


At just 1 lb. 11.7 oz., the Zpacks Mummy Bag is one of the lightest 10-degree sleeping bags on the market. You could save weight by opting for a hoodless bag like the Zpacks Classic or a quilt. But if you prefer a hooded bag that fully surrounds your body and zips up, the Mummy Bag is tough to beat. 

Complete your backpacking sleep system with the Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag, a sleeping pad & an ultralight pillow


The 10F Mummy Bag we tested is extremely fluffy and warm, yet it squishes down small to leave room for other trail essentials in your backpack.

The Zpacks Mummy Bag next to the 60L Arc haul Backpack


A high-quality Dyneema Dry Bag is included to keep your sleeping bag dry and protected. It adds 0.9 oz. to the listed weight and is a significant value-add since ultralight stuff sacks are expensive when purchased separately. The included bag is a comfortable fit for the Mummy Bag and can be compressed smaller by giving it some pressure and rolling the top down more.

The interior of the bag is black for quick drying & the fabric is treated with DWR to resist moisture


The Mummy Bag is constructed with top-shelf, 900-fill power down that’s treated with DWR to help the bag resist condensation and body moisture. The vertical baffles on the upper body keep down from migrating to the sides and there are no “sewn through” seams to create cold spots. Each compartment is overstuffed with more down than is necessary for maximum loft. This helps to account for down compression over the lifetime of the sleeping bag. The 10-degree bag will be comfortable in temps as low as the 20’s, while the 20-degree bag will be warm down to about freezing.


There aren’t many truly ultralight mummy bags out there that have a hood and full-length zipper. Quilts have become increasingly popular with backpackers because they’re so light and compact, but they aren’t for everyone. Quilts can be drafty for anyone who moves a lot in their sleep, and quilt users have to wear a hat (and sometimes a jacket) to boost upper-body warmth when temps dip.

The hood on the Zpacks Mummy provides full protection from the elements for cold nights on the trail. It has an elastic cord that can be cinched tight around your head and neck to keep out drafts, as well as a snap at the top of the zipper that keeps it securely closed.


One of the most unique features of the Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag is its fully unzippable foot box. The zip-around foot box allows you to open the bottom of the bag to vent your feet, and allows for the bag to be used like a blanket on warmer trips. Zpacks mentions being able to flip the bag around and wear it as a cape in camp, but we didn’t find this feature to be very functional. If you like the full-length zipper, but don’t care about having a hood, check out the Zpacks Zip Around Sleeping Bag.

The rectangular foot box is roomy & fits your feet comfortably when lying on your side, stomach, or back



The Zpacks Mummy Bag is made with premium ultralight materials, and those do not come cheap. It’s an investment piece and may not be accessible to everyone. That said, the Zpacks Mummy 10F costs less than some comparable bags, like the Western Mountaineering Versalite 10 ($625/32 oz.). If you don’t need such a warm bag, you could save money by going with the 20F Mummy or choosing a mass-produced bag, like the REI Magma 15.


Thin, 7-denier material is used on the interior and exterior of this bag to keep its weight to a minimum. It dries quickly and breathes well, but it isn’t as durable as some other bags. We recommend using the included Dyneema stuff sack to keep the Mummy Bag safe when not in use. It also helps to be diligent about keeping your bag on a sleeping pad or inside your tent and always carry a bit of Tenacious Tape in case you need to make a repair. A zipper guard is in place to prevent the zipper from snagging on the draft tube or sleeping bag material, but the fabric and zipper on this Zpacks Bag aren’t as confidence-inspiring as those on a bag like the REI Magma 15.

Which Zpacks Sleeping Bag is Right for You?

*The following sleeping bags are all made with the same high-quality, 900fp down and ultralight 7-denier fabric.

  • Classic – This is Zpack’s lightest and most compact sleeping bag. It’s hoodless and only has a ¾-length zipper, so it’s good for those who want to go ultralight, but still want an enclosed bag. Available in 10F, 20F & 30F.
  • Solo Quilt – This minimalist quilt has no zipper, and tucks under your body or sleeping pad to complete your sleep system. It’s best for those who prefer the more open feeling of a quilt. Available in 10F, 20F & 30F.
  • Zip Around – This bag is also lightweight and hoodless, but it features a full-length zipper that allows you to vent your feet or open the bag to use as a quilt. It’s a nice upgrade for those who don’t like being confined and are willing to carry a few extra oz. for more versatility. Available in 10F, 20F & 30F.
  • Mummy – This is Zpack’s warmest offering and their only sleeping bag with a hood. It weighs more than the options above, but it’s very adaptable to both cold and warmer conditions with its full-length zipper and ventable foot box. Available in 10F & 20F.

Bottom line

With its streamlined weight, compact size, and excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, the Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag is perfect for hikers who want a high-quality, warm, and lightweight sleeping system for backcountry trips. The hooded design and full-length zipper provide excellent ventilation and versatility. However, be prepared to pay a premium price. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-end, ultralight sleeping bag for your next backpacking trip, the Zpacks Mummy Sleeping Bag is definitely worth considering.

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