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woolx clothing

Woolx Clothing Review

Merino wool garments can be an incredibly comfortable and highly functional part of your outdoor attire.Merino feels soft against the skin, transfers moisture efficiently, breathes well, and holds in warmth. Those are important qualities for managing your body temperature, which is a crucial skill on any outdoor adventure, especially the chilly ones.

I recently had the pleasure of testing merino wool products from a company called Woolx based out of upstate New York – So, they know cold. I tested three of their flagship products – their midweight ¼ zip top, their midweight bottoms, and their heavyweight hat – and I must admit, I’m quite impressed with the quality of their work.

Woolx uses 100% Australian merino wool, so their products are super soft and warm against the skin. You can machine wash and dry their garments without any worry of shrinking or changing the fit of your gear. Their clothing has been well constructed – they have a great fit and they have reinforced stitching in all the right places. And most importantly, they breathe well and help to control moisture, which makes them excellent for outdoor adventures.

Model is wearing size large top and bottoms. Hat only comes in one size. Model is 6 feet 2 inches, 190 pounds, extremely handsome, and incredibly modest. 

woolx shirt

Woolx Midweight ¼ Zip Top

  • Comfortable, warm, functional, and well cut
  • Solid construction and a good fit
  • Great color
  • Sleeve length is excellent
  • Torso length runs slightly long, but that’s good for staying tucked in
  • Zipper guard is a nice touch and zipper length is good
  • Two thumbs up
woolx pants

Woolx Midweight Bottoms

  • Comfortable, warm, functional, and well cut
  • Solid construction and a good fit
  • Leg length is a perfect fit
  • Waist band is comfortable
  • Two thumbs up
woolx hat

Woolx Heavyweight Hat

  • Comfortable, warm, functional
  • Solid construction and stitching
  • Hat size was good
  • Top of hat seams create some bunching, which is one of my pet peeves.
  • I would consider the material more “midweight” than “heavyweight.”
  • I’m very picky about hats. This one is functional, but I think the look could be improved.

Woolx Pros

  • Comfort – Very soft on the skin with plenty of mobility
  • Warmth – Cozy yet breathable
  • Fit – Well proportioned lengths and cuts
  • Construction – 100% merino wool. Zipper guard. Flatlock seams. Very good.
  • Shrinkage – No worries about shrinking or changing fit
  • Care – Machine wash and dry

Woolx Cons

  • Weight – Merino wool clothing tends to weigh more than synthetic clothing, but each fabric has different strengths. Synthetics aren’t as good in cold weather.
  • Cost – Merino wool also tends to cost more than synthetic clothing, but again they have different strengths. Woolx products are competitively priced in the merino wool industry. There are some cheaper wool alternatives out there, but I generally find that you get what you pay for. In my opinion, Woolx is charging a very fair price for the quality of their products.
  • Durability – Merino wool is durable, but you have to be more careful with it than with synthetic clothing. Wool clothing is more prone to developing abrasions and holes over time and with intense use. That’s just one of the tradeoffs for all of the benefits that merino wool clothing provides.

Overall Recommendation

Overall I would strongly recommend the Woolx 1/4 Zip Midweight Top and the Woolx Midweight Bottoms. Their look, feel, construction, and functionality are all excellent. Their prices are also fair for the quality of the product. I wasn’t quite as happy with the look and fit of the Woolx Heavyweight Hat, but I do tend to be very picky about hats. The Heavyweight Hat is highly functional and comfortable, I just wasn’t crazy about the look and the bunching of the stitching at the top.


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