Live Thru-Hiker Video Journals

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This summer CleverHiker is looking to team up with 2-3 thru-hikers setting out on the AT, PCT, or CDT to help us create a video chronicle of their trips. Our goal is to publicly post real-time video updates of the sights, sounds, and stories from America’s long trails. We want to link up with creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated thru-hikers for this project. We’ll ask our CH thru-hikers to film 60 seconds from every day of their adventure. They might choose to film stunning scenery, progress updates, funny stories, shout-outs to friends/ family or whatever strikes their fancy. This project is all about empowering creative backpackers to film what’s most important to them and creating inspiring and entertaining content for those of us who want to follow along at home.

We’ll provide our CH thru-hikers with GoPro videocameras and cover shipping costs for sending us their memory cardsevery 1-2 weeks at resupply stops. When our hikers ship us memory cards, we’ll quickly edit the best content into bit-sized videos and post them publicly on ourYouTube channel for everyone at home to follow along.

These videos are sure to be a rewarding for everyone involved. They will be a great art project to film, we’ll have a fun time editing the footage, our audience will love keeping up with thru-hiker’s progress, and at the end of it all, our CH thru-hikers will have a professionally edited video chronicle of their entire journey. We might not all be able to spend five months hiking across the country, but we can all benefit from regularly experiencing the sights and sounds of the trail.

So, if you’re planning a thru-hike this year and you’re interested in teamingup, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out by emailing Dave Collins ([email protected]) and let us know why you’d be a good fit for this project.

Safe travels and we’ll see you out on the trail!