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Snow Peak Litemax Stove Review

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The Snow Peak Litemax is one of the lightest and most compact backpacking stoves on the market. This tiny powerhouse can boil a liter of water in just under five minutes, and then it folds away nicely to fit into pretty much any cookpot when you’re done. Because of how lightweight and compact the Litemax is, it’s one of the top picks on our Best Backpacking Stoves list.

Quick Specs

Snow Peak LiteMax

Ultralight canister stove with a tiny packed size

Price: $60

Weight: 1.9 oz.

Fuel Type: Isobutane/propane canister


  • Ultralight
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Simmer control


  • Not as good in wind as some
The Litemax is ridiculously lightweight – we round out our ultralight cooking kit with the Toaks 750 mL pot and Sea to Summit Alpha Light Long Spoon



The 1.9 oz. Litemax is one of the lightest stoves on the market, and its titanium construction offers a great balance of strength to weight.



The fabrics used in the Portal are lightweight, but the tent feels durable with solid stitching and reinforced pressure points to withstand high winds. The rainfly is thin, but since it’s made with high-quality ripstop nylon, we feel confident that the Portal would hold up on a thru-hike or thousands of miles of use if treated with care. The 2-side silicone-impregnated fly and floor fabrics don’t stretch or sag much when wet for a taught pitch even after being soaked. It’s obvious that SlingFin sought out the best materials available for this high-end product.


Good simmer control

The premium fabrics used in the Portal should last significantly longer than conventional PU-coated fabrics because they aren’t as prone to are mildew and degradation from UV exposure. The zippers slide smoothly and function well, but not only that – since zippers tend to be the first thing to wear out on tents, SlingFin thoughtfully included 2 extra built-in zippers that can be deployed if/when the door zippers fail. This will help extend the life of the tent, which we find awesome.




The Litemax is at the higher end of the cost spectrum for canister stoves on our Best Backpacking Stoves list. But since it’s made with high-quality titanium, it’s no surprise that this stove is priced $10-$20 more than other canister stoves.

The small burner on the Litemax works best with small pots like the Toaks 750 mL or 550 mL

Not as good as some in windy conditions

The wind performance of the Litemax isn’t the best. The small burner head is exposed, so any amount of wind will have an impact on the flame. If conditions aren’t too gusty, we typically find that blocking the wind with something, like a sit pad, will remedy most of the wind’s effects.

Less fuel efficient than some

Because the burner head is so small, heat will primarily be directed to the center of your pot. That means it will take a bit longer to heat water, and it’s a little less fuel efficient than some stoves. We found that the boil time for one liter in good conditions was just under five minutes, which is slightly longer than average for similar canister stoves.

Snow Peak Litemax Vs. MSR Pocket Rocket 2

The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 performs better in wind and is a little more fuel efficient than the Litemax

The Snow Peak Litemax and the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 are both excellent backpacking stoves, and the one that’s right for you will depend on what specs you find to be most important. If you don’t mind trading a bit of performance efficiency to get the lightest and most compact backpacking stove, go with the Litemax. If you’re okay with a small increase in weight and bulk for better wind performance, a small boost to fuel efficiency, and a more stable burner head for larger cookpots, go with the Pocket Rocket. Take a look at our full Pocket Rocket 2 review to learn more, or head over to our Best Backpacking Stoves list to see how both of these stoves compare to others.

Bottom Line

For those who value weight savings and compact size above all else, the Snow Peak Litemax is the way to go. It’s small but mighty, and it gives you full control over your flame for precise cooking. While it isn’t as efficient as some of the other canister stoves on our Best Backpacking Stoves list, we often take it on solo ultralight trips when keeping size and weight low is top priority.