Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18L Daypack Review


Cotopaxi is an outdoor brand with a mission we can get behind. Their focus is creating innovative outdoor gear and making meaningful strides toward reducing global poverty. They work with organizations around the globe to inspire social and environmental change. Their 2014 and 2015 grants have focused on:

  1. Improving access to quality education in Nepal, Ecuador, Tanzania, the Philippines, and Ghana;
  2. Improving access to quality education in reducing under-five mortality rates through midwifery training in Guatemala; and
  3. Developing sustainable livelihoods in partnership with each of their grantees.

Cotopaxi is still pretty new to the outdoor gear scene, but I think their style and message will resonate with outdoor enthusiasts. I recently had a chance to test one of their daypacks, the Luzon Del Dia, so I wrote up this post to review that pack and spread some awareness of Cotopaxi’s mission.


STORY - One of the coolest things about this pack is the story behind it. The Luzon is a daypack that comes in two different styles: the Luzon Daypack and the Luzon Del Dia. Both have the same design, but the Luzon Del Dia comes with an interesting twist. Cotopaxi gives their factory employees full creative control over the colors of the Luzon Del Dia. That means that every pack has a different style and no two packs are alike. If you want to choose your colors, you can pick styles with the regular Luzon Daypack, but I really enjoyed the surprise behind the Del Dia. It also seems like an awesome idea to empower employees by giving them creative control over the packs they’re making.

PRICE - The price of the Luzon 18L Daypack is on par with similarly sized frameless daypacks. The Luzon Del Dia is slightly more expensive than the regular Luzon. Check current pricing here for the Luzon Daypack and Luzon Del Dia.

WEIGHT - The Luzon weighs 10.6oz, which is quite light for a daypack. That said, I don’t usually pay much attention to weight when it comes to daypacks. That might sound like sacrilege coming from a lightweight backpacker, but pack weight rarely plays a big role on my day hikes. I’m not generally bringing enough equipment to weigh me down on shorter hikes, so a few extra ounces here or there rarely makes too much of a difference.

VOLUME - The Luzon is an 18L daypack. It’s a great size pack for everything I need to carry on short hiking trips. I can easily fit my down jacket, rain shell, extra clothing layers, first aid kit, headlamp, camera, food, water, purifier, and emergency bivy in it no problem.

FRAME - This is a frameless backpack, which has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s very light and compressible. That means you can easily stuff it in a larger backpack or suitcase for longer trips, which is convenient. On the other hand, frameless packs have less structure and no back padding, so you have to be careful how you pack gear in them. If you pack a frameless backpack poorly it will feel uneven and uncomfortable against your back. Using soft clothing or a jacket as interior back padding will help make this pack feel more comfortable.

POCKETS - The Luzon has a simple design with two pockets. The main body of the pack is one large pocket with a drawstring closure at the top. The second compartment is a small zipper pocket located on the front of the pack. The zipper pocket is a good size for your keys, cellphone, and some snacks. There is also an interior hydration sleeve in the main body of the pack.

HYDRATION - This pack doesn’t have external water bottle holsters, which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Hydration is important while you’re hiking, so having easy access to water is key. This pack does have an internal hydration sleeve and hydration port for those that like using water bladders, so that’s a decent alternative.

STYLE - I think the style of this pack is one of it’s best features. I love the color combinations and I think its look is really unique. People comment on the Luzon when I wear it around and everyone seems to like its look. So, while looking cool isn’t everything, this pack certainly scores high marks in that category.

FIT - This pack has a great fit to it as well. Once you make sure the bag feels comfortable against your back, you can cinch it up nicely and wear it all day long. It feels snug and secure.

STRAPS - The shoulder straps of the Luzon are not overly padded, but they are very comfortable. The sternum strap is height adjustable and it has a simple hip belt strap as well. The hip belt strap isn’t load bearing, so I’ll probably never use it, but it’s nice that they included it anyway.

TOP CLOSURE - When I first started using this pack, one of my least favorite features was its top drawstring closure. I found that it did not slide easily, so it was tough to get a tight cinch and completely close the top. However, the more I used the pack, the better the top closure began to work, so it functions quite well now. Just know that the top closure will take a little time to break in.

MATERIALS - Both Luzon models are built using repurposed ripstop nylon. It’s tough material that will last a long time, and it’s also material that could have been wasted, but is now being put to a good use.

DURABILITY - Durability is one of the most difficult qualities for any reviewer to accurately assess. In order to really know a product's true limitations, you have to use it for years until it eventually breaks down. From all of my product testing and research, I expect the Luzon to be very durable and last for a long time. It’s built well and has reinforced seams at all of the critical pressure points. I plan to treat my Luzon with care and I expect to last for many years.


  • Cotopaxi’s mission is noble
  • Fairly priced daypack
  • Cool story behind the pack design
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Good size volume for short hikes.
  • Cool style and colors
  • Comfortable fit and shoulder straps
  • Built from durable and repurposed materials


  • No exterior water bottle holsters
  • Luzon Del Dia costs more than regular Luzon model.
  • Frameless packs require more care when packing to feel comfortable.
  • Top drawcord closure takes a little time to break in.


The Luzon Del Dia is a cool little daypack that’s full of style and function. I really like the story behind this pack and I love Cotopaxi’s mission to reduce global poverty. Cotopaxi strikes me as a company that’s conscious of their impact and is striving to do business in a sustainable way. That’s a mission I can certainly get behind and I’m excited to see how they grow as an organization. As far as the Luzon Del Dia goes, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, stylish, and practical daypack.

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