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Six Moon Designs Rain Walker SUL Umbrella Review

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Hiking umbrellas offer convenient, portable protection from the elements, and they’ve gotten especially popular with thru-hikers who need the ability to contend with prolonged sun and rain exposure in the backcountry.

The Six Moon Designs Rain Walker SUL Umbrella strikes an excellent balance of low weight and luxury for those wanting the outstanding protection of a hiking umbrella without adding too much extra weight to their pack. It barely tips the scale at just 5.5 oz., which makes it the lightest full-size trekking umbrella on the market.

Quick Specs

Six Moon Designs Rain Walker SUL

Price: $60

Measured Weight: 5.5 oz.

Closed Length: 25 in (63.5 cm)

Open Width: 37 in. (94 cm)

Coverage: 7.5 ft² (.7 m²)

Shaft Length: 23.5 in. (60 cm)


  • Great ventilation
  • Extra weather protection
  • Ultralight
  • Compact
  • Excellent coverage
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Less durable than some
  • Not reflective



One of the best things about using a hiking umbrella is being able to dress for the temperature instead of the weather. An umbrella is quick to deploy when showers crop up, and it will keep you dry while you chug uphill in breathable clothing. We recommend always carrying a lightweight rain jacket for safety reasons, but we love the awesome airflow and versatility of being able to hike in any clothing we choose when conditions aren’t severe.


An umbrella is a great supplement to a rain jacket and pants in heavy rain conditions. It keeps your clothing and gear drier for longer, plus you have a great mini shelter for checking maps and guidebooks or even snapping pictures. An umbrella can also help shield you from the sun in exposed areas without the need for extra clothing or sunscreen on your upper body.


A hiking umbrella is a luxury item since it’s complementary to proper clothing, like a lightweight rain jacket or a sun shirt. But, at just 5.5 oz., the Rain Walker is only about half the weight of its ever-popular sister product, the original Silver Shadow (8.9 oz.), and it’s 1.3 oz. lighter than the premium Silver Shadow Carbon (6.8 oz.). Designers accomplished this by incorporating a carbon fiber frame and a thin 10 D Silnylon Canopy. In short, the Rain Walker Umbrella weighs a lot less than most umbrellas and is well worth its weight on trips with lots of exposure or rain in the forecast.


The Rain Walker doesn’t bi-fold like some compact umbrellas do because it has long, flexible ribs that are wind resistant. The closed length of the umbrella is 25 inches, which is about the same as a collapsed trekking pole. The closed umbrella is very slim (about the diameter of a quarter at the widest part of the handle). While it is a bit long, it slips easily into a side pocket on a backpack for convenient access.


There are mini hiking umbrellas on the market, but in general, the more coverage the better when you’re trying to stay dry or out of the sun. A full-length handle is also much more comfortable to hold for extended periods. The Rain Walker is full-size, with a diameter of 37 inches, and it covers an area of 7.5 square feet. That’s enough area to fully shelter one hiker and their backpack from blazing sun or relentless rain.


In addition to being ultralight and easy to support with your arm, the Rain Walker’s EVA foam handle is comfortable to hold in your hand for long periods. The handle material is smooth, easy to grip, and it doesn’t absorb water if it gets wet. You can attach the Rain Walker umbrella to your shoulder strap for hands-free trekking, but we generally find that it’s more convenient to hold it so that we can adjust it as the angle of the sun or wind changes.



While this umbrella has been tested in high winds, hail, and other extreme conditions, the ultralight frame and 10 D Silnylon Canopy require a bit of extra care in the field. The ribs don’t flex as much as those in some trekking umbrellas, so we suggest stashing the Rain Walker away when winds pick up so it doesn’t invert and get ruined.


The Rain Walker provides excellent shade from the sun, but it isn’t quite as adept in this area as the Silver Shadow and the Silver Shadow Carbon. The aforementioned models use a reflective outer layer and a black interior to reduce UV penetration even better. If providing shade is the primary reason you want an umbrella, it may be worth the extra bit of weight to select one of the other Six Moon Designs offerings.

Bottom Line

If rain protection is your primary use, the Rain Walker SUL Umbrella is a wonderful asset for your backpacking toolset because it has an excellent balance of utility and low weight. It costs a bit more than heavier umbrellas,and you’ll have to be a tad more careful to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in high winds. That said, it’s one of the best hiking umbrellas on the market for those looking to bring along a bit of luxury without adding much to their pack weight.