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Enlightened Equipment Visp Rain jacket Review

The Enlightened Equipment Visp (Men’s / Women’s) is among the best value ultralight jackets on the market for its price, protection, and adjustability. We’ve worn this jacket for hundreds of miles, including stints in Colorado’s monsoon season and the first snow of the year in the Pacific Northwest. We hope our experience helps you decide if the Visp is the right jacket for you.

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Quick Specs

Enlightened Equipment Visp Rain jacket

Price: $210

Weight: 6 oz. (medium)


  • Excellent value
  • Ultralightq
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to layer
  • Highly adjustable
  • Pit zips
  • Durable for weight
  • Quiet


  • Less breathable
  • Less durable
The 3.5-layer Visp has an excellent waterproof rating



Compared to other ultralight jackets, like the Marmot Bantamweight ($275, Men’s / Women’s) and Zpacks Vertice ($299, Men’s / Women’s), the Enlightened Equipment Visp comes in at a great price. With pit zips, a ton of adjustment points, and a high waterproof rating, the Visp is an excellent value.


The Visp weighs in right around 6 oz. for a size medium, so it’s lighter than many other popular UL jackets from our list of the Best Rain Jackets, like the minimal Outdoor Research Helium (Men’s / Women’s) and full-featured Montbell Versalite (Men’s / Women’s).


The Visp is a 3-layer rain jacket meaning it has a waterproof outer layer, a breathable midlayer, and a liner that helps keep the midlayer from getting clogged with sweat and oil from skin. Three-layer jackets tend to be the most protective and will generally stay waterproof for longer than two and 2.5-layer jackets. The Visp has a hydrostatic head of 20,000 mm., which means it can withstand a pretty good amount of pressure (like sitting under backpack straps, for example) before wetting through. For reference, around 10,000 mm. is considered the minimum for a good rain jacket.


The Visp has a roomy fit that allows you to comfortably wear a puffy coat or fleece underneath when conditions are cold and wet. Compared to some of our other favorite ultralight rain layers, like the Montbell Versalite and Outdoor Research Helium, the Visp has a nicer fit when paired with bulkier layers. 

The roomy fit of the VIsp is easy to layer over bulky jackets


There are a ton of adjustment points on the Visp, so you can dial in the perfect fit for the conditions. It has more cinch points than all of our other favorite UL jackets, and we like the design of the Visp adjustments more. For example, we find the cordlocks on the waist and hood easier to use than the toggles on the Versalite. We prefer the velcro wrist cuffs on the Visp as opposed to the cordlock cinches on the Vertice – especially when we have gloves on. And the OR Helium has no wrist or front of hood adjustments at all. 

The Visp has several adjustment points so you can tailor the fit to the conditions


Manufacturers often cut out features like pit zips when designing ultralight jackets to keep weight and cost to a minimum. But Enlightened Equipment included them in the Visp, which we really appreciate for the added breathability. We wish the zips were a bit longer for even better ventilation, but we’re happy to see this feature included on such a lightweight jacket. 

The Visp may be ultralight, but it can withstand daily use on tough trails


You’ll need to be a little delicate with this ultralight jacket, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how durable it is. We’ve hiked through thick willows and shrubs in it, and didn’t get a single snag or tear. It’s best to treat it with care to ensure it lasts for many seasons of hiking, but you can rest assured that it’s up for daily wear on tough trails. 

The material of the visp is quiet, so it’s more pleasant to wear for long periods than swishy jackets


The textured outer material of the Visp isn’t as swishy or crinkly as many other rain jackets. This isn’t a make or break, but it’s a good quality of life feature that makes it more pleasant to wear in nasty weather.

We wish the pit zips on the Visp were longer for better breathability



We’ve found that we get clammy quickly in the Visp when we’re doing high-output activities, like going uphill or scrambling. For this reason, we don’t reach for this jacket as much for wind protection like we would the Zpacks Vertice. Interestingly, the Visp has a higher moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) than the Vertice, but in practice we found the Vertice to be far more breathable.


While we think the Visp is very durable for the weight, it’s still a piece of ultralight gear and as such will never be as tough as more burly jackets. We think the tradeoff for a lower packed weight is worth it since a rain jacket will often be tucked away in your backpack. And if treated with care, the Visp can last for many seasons of use.

Bottom line

The ultralight Enlightened Equipment Visp (Men’s / Women’s) is an awesome value. It’s highly adjustable so you can tailor the fit to the conditions, and its three-layer construction has a great waterproof rating for keeping you dry in inclement weather. If you’re looking for a ridiculously light rain jacket that doesn’t compromise on features, you’ve found it in the Visp.

The Visp can withstand prolonged exposure to wet conditions without wetting through