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30 Great Deals at REI’s Gear Up Get Out Sale 2022

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if purchases are made through those links. This adds no cost to our readers and helps us keep our site up and running. Our reputation is our most important asset, which is why we only provide completely honest and unbiased recommendations.

REI shuts their doors every year on Black Friday to encourage everyone to #optoutside, but first they’re having their annual Gear Up Get Out sale from Nov. 11-21. Whether you’re getting a head start on holiday shopping or treating yourself to something nice, this is a great time to snag outdoor gear at deep discounts.

REI Members have access to some exclusive sale items and they get 20% off one full-price item and one REI Outlet item using coupon code GEARUP22. If you’re not a member yet, you can join now to enjoy these benefits. It’s only $30 for a lifetime membership, and the savings cover that cost quickly.

We scoured the sale and put together this list of the deals we’re most excited about. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one!

All REI Brand Backpacking Tents, Backpacks & Sleeping Bags – 30% Off

REI brand gear is already an excellent value for the money, and it’s quite the steal at its current sale price. The Quarter Dome SL 2 & SL 1 tents, the Flash 55 backpacks, and the Magma line of sleep sacks are some of the absolute best bang for your buck ultralight items on the market. Learn more about these top picks on our lists of the Best Backpacking Tents, Best Backpacking Backpacks, and Best Sleeping Bags.

All REI Brand Camping Tents, Sleeping Bags, Mattresses & Furniture – 30 % Off

A good set of camping gear can cost an arm and a leg when all is said and done, but you can get the whole kit and kaboodle at a really reasonable price in this sale. Our ideal camping setup would consist of the Skyward 4 Tent, the Kingdom Queen Mattress, and the Camp X Chair. Check out our lists of the Best Camping Tents, Best Camping Sleeping Bags, Best Camping Mattresses, and Best Camping Chairs to learn more about why we love this gear.

All REI Brand Rain Jackets & Pants – 30% Off

All REI brand rain jackets and pants are on deep discount right now. Our favorites for backpacking are the already budget-friendly Rainier Jacket and Pants. If you’re looking for something a bit more durable check out the XeroDry GTX Jacket. With so many options available, outdoor clothing can be pretty tough to pick. Take a look at our Best Rain Jackets and Best Rain Pants lists to find the perfect rain gear for your lifestyle.

All REI Brand Down Jackets – 30% Off

Cold weather is here! And a good down jacket is a must for staying toasty and comfy outside. Some of our REI brand favorites from our Best Down Jackets list include the Magma 850 Hoodie for backpackers looking for the best warmth-to-weight ratio, the 650 Down Jacket for lightweight adventurers on a budget, and the Stormhenge Jacket for warmth and rain protection in one convenient package.

All REI Brand Hiking Pants, Shorts & Shirts – 30% Off

Need a full hiking wardrobe overhaul? All REI hiking clothing is on sale, including favorites from our lists of the Best Hiking Pants for Men / Women, Best Hiking Shorts for Men / Women, and Best Sun Shirts. Some highlights include the pocket-filled Sahara Convertible Pants for utilitarian hikers, the versatile Sahara Shorts, and the sun protective Sahara Shade Hoodie.

All REI Brand Base Layers – 30% Off

Base layers are awesome for adding a ton of warmth to your clothing system without adding much weight. We’ve been using REI Base Layers on backpacking trips for years. We’re partial to the Midweight Top (Men’s / Women’s) and Base Layer Bottoms (Men’s / Women’s), but REI makes a wide variety of styles to suit your taste. For more info on creating an effective backpacking clothing system, visit our Best Base Layers and Hiking Clothing 101 posts.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm – 25% Off

It’s no secret that we love the NeoAir line of sleeping pads from Therm-a-Rest. And the XTherm is our go-to for winter excursions. If you’re a cold sleeper or you backpack in sub-freezing temps, we highly recommend picking one up. This pad has a preposterous warmth-to-weight ratio, so it’s one of the best pads out there for fall and winter adventures. Head over to our Best Sleeping Pads guide to see how it compares to other pads.

All Black Diamond Lighting – 25% off

Black Diamond makes some of the coolest lighting around for backpacking and camping. We’re particular fans of the Black Diamond Spot 400 headlamp for backpacking because it’s bright and has great battery life. Check it out on our Best Headlamps list. We also love the Moji Lantern for car camping ambiance.

All Nalgene Water Bottles – 50% Off

The Nalgene Wide Mouth 32 oz. is pretty much synonymous with the words “water bottle”. We own several of these in different colors and patterns, adorned in stickers from our favorite national parks and breweries. We take them backpacking, to grocery stores, and just about anywhere. The Wide Mouth bottle ranks highly on our Best Water Bottles list.

All Rumpl Blankets – 25% Off

The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is like a cozy comforter that’s made for the outdoors. It’s highly resistant to moisture and dirt, so it easily sheds spills, debris, or pet hair with a quick shake. We like this blanket for wrapping up in camp or to use on top of a summer sleeping bag for extra warmth when temperatures dip. The Original Puffy is our top pick on our Best Camping Blankets list because it’s affordable for the quality and it comes in a huge variety of attractive colors from subdued to bright.

Yeti Trailhead Chair – 50% Off

The Yeti Trailhead is hands-down the most comfortable and highest quality camp chair we’ve sat on. It’s supportive, yet soft and springy so it holds you in a relaxed upright position and cradles your curves without pressure. The material is also super airy and breathable, which feels great on warm days. We’re not gonna lie the Trailhead Chair is spendy, but at 50% off we say this is a deal that can’t be passed up! Check out our Best Camping Chairs list to learn more.

GCI Zero Gravity Chair – 50% Off

The GCI Outdoors Zero Gravity is an excellent value when compared to other luxury chairs, and it’s an absolute steal at 50% off. It features a high back with a headrest, a neck pillow, reclining options, and full leg support that make it really comfortable.Since it’s not the most portable, The Zero Gravity chair is one of our favorite chairs for glamping or relaxing in the yard.

REI Packaway Coolers – 30% Off

The REI Packaway 24 Soft Cooler is our go-to cooler bag for lunches, day trips, potlucks, and everything in between. It converts from a tote to a cube-style bag with the click of two buckles, and it folds flat when not in use to save space. Because the Packaway Cooler is so affordable and versatile, we own it in multiple sizes and love them all. We also named it the best soft cooler on our Best Coolers list.

Osprey Ariel & Aether Packs – 25% Off

If comfort reigns supreme for you and you don’t mind carrying some extra weight into the backcountry, the Osprey Aether 65 (Men’s) & Ariel 65 (Women’s) are great options from our Best Backpacking Backpacks list. They’re a fan favorite in many backpacking circles for their comfortable build, durability, and thoughtful storage design. They’re available in a range of sizes.

Atlas & Tubbs Snowshoes – 20% Off

Snowshoeing season has arrived in many parts of the country and its time for many of us to trade in our trail runners for a pair of quality snowshoes if we want to get up in the mountains. All Atlas and Tubbs snowshoes are on sale and there are a wide array of options from budget to fully-featured. Some of our favorites are the Atlas Montane and the Tubbs Flex VRT. Head over to our Best Snowshoes list to see why we love them.

Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Packs – 25% Off

The Cotopaxi Allpa 35 has everything we look for in a travel pack – streamlined organization, easy-access pockets, a comfortable carry, and unique style. The Allpa is made of thick durable material that can handle any adventure you throw at it, and there’s a removable hipbelt for times when you need to carry a heavier load. The Allpa comes in a few sizes to suit any need, but the 35L size is our top pick on our Best Travel Backpacks list.

Osprey Transporter Duffels – 25% Off

If there’s one thing Osprey really excels at, it’s comfort. And the Transporter 65 has well-padded straps that make it comfortable to carry by hand, over the shoulder, or as a backpack. The large U-zip flap for the main compartment makes it easy to find what you need without having to dig around, and the internal compression straps keep things nice and tidy. It’s the duffel we reach for most often when heading to the airport or packing for longer trips. Check out more info about the Transporter on our list of the Best Duffel Bags.

REI Roadtripper & Big Haul Duffels – 30% Off

The rugged and well-designed Big Haul Duffels from REI are great for multi-day trips, transporting your gear, or throwing over your shoulder on your next flight. With a variety of carrying options – cross body straps, duffel handles, or backpack straps – the Big Haul duffels are convenient and versatile, and they even come in a wheeled model. The Roadtripper Duffels from our list of the Best Duffel Bags have a lot of similar features to the Big Haul line, but they’re lighter and more compact.

Deuter Speed Lite Daypacks – 25% Off

The Deuter Speed Lite 21 from our list of the Best Daypacks is fairly simple, but the lightweight design is often all we need on short day hikes with light loads. It’s designed with a basic removable nylon hipbelt and an efficient storage design. If you’re looking for more carrying capacity, Deuter also makes this pack in 25L and 30L (men’s sizes) / 23L and 28L (women’s sizes) models.

Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Hoodies – 25% Off

We love the Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown (Men’s / Women’s) for its exceptional comfort and durability. The rugged stretch fabric makes it easy to move freely in for athletic activities and also far less likely to catch or tear when we’re doing yard work. The Stretchdown is one of the most comfortable jackets we’ve found for casual everyday wear, and it’s our top choice from Best Down Jackets list for rock climbing and tough outdoor jobs.

Select Smartwool Clothing – 25% Off

From gloves, to hats, base layers, and undies – Smartwool products are high-quality and dependable. There’s a lot to choose from in their exceptional line-up of clothing and accessories, but our favorites are their hiking socks, Liner Gloves, and Thermal Merino / All-Season Merino Base Layers (women’s Thermal & All-Season). Learn more about these items on our clothing lists in the CleverHiker Gear Guide.

Select PrAna Clothing – 25% Off

It’s getting chillier outside, so we’ve swapped our shorts for hiking pants. PrAna makes a lot of great hiking pants, but our favorites are the super comfy Stretch Zions for men and the ultra durable Halle Pants for women. Both rank highly on our Best Hiking Pants for Men and Women lists.

Kuhl Interceptr Fleece – 30% Off

The Kuhl Interceptr Fleece is a great casual option for those who want to dress comfortably and look good at the same time. If it gets really stormy, it also layers nicely under a winter coat or a rain jacket. The Interceptr is sure to get a lot of use and it’s priced lower than similar full-zip jackets, so it’s an excellent value. Check out more about the Interceptr on our Best Fleece Jackets list.

Kuhl Deceptr Pants – 25% Off

The minimalist Kuhl Deceptr Pants have a sleek look, thoughtful pocket design, and a comfortable fit. The fabric on the Deceptr pants is lightweight and stretchy, so they perform very well whether you’re, traveling, hitting the trail after a day around town, or backpacking. Check out how they compare to others on our list of the Best Hiking Pants for Men.

All Bogs Rain Boots – 25% Off

We love Bogs rain boots, plain and simple. They’re well-designed, comfortable right out of the box, and great for stomping around Pacific Northwest rainy days.Our favorites are the Classic High Rain Boots (Men’s / Women’s) because they’re warm, durable, and they’re a great height. You can find the Classic Highs at the top of our lists of the Best Rain Boots for Men and Women.

Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter – 25% Off

The convenience of the Platypus GravityWorks is tough to beat, especially for groups. To use the GravityWorks, simply fill up the “dirty” water bag, hang it above the “clean” bag, and let gravity do its thing. The main benefit? No tedious pumping or squeezing required. See how the Gravityworks compares to other water filters on our Best Water Filters list.

Garmin InReach Mini – $50 Off

If you’ve been saving your lunch money for a personal locator beacon of your own, now’s a great time to buy. The Garmin InReach Mini is a small and lightweight two-way communicator, GPS device, and emergency locator beacon all in one. We like carrying one for peace of mind and as a backup navigation device on extended trips in the backcountry.

Garmin Instinct 2 Watches – $50 Off

The Garmin Instinct 2 Solar is our overall favorite watch from our Best GPS Watches list. It’s perfect for backpackers because of its long battery life, user-friendly interface, and lightweight comfort. If you want to save a bit more money, the base model Instinct 2 has all the same features except the solar charging capability.

Garmin Fenix 7 Watches – $100 Off

Garmin makes some of the coolest GPS watches on the market, and their latest Fenix 7 models are the crown jewel of the lineup. The base model, the Fenix 7 from our Best GPS Watches list, is a great choice because of its advanced mapping features and its wide range of functionality. Or you can upgrade to the Solar model for much longer battery life.

Kahtoola Traction Devices & Gaiters – 20% Off

Winter is coming! Whether you need traction devices for hiking, commuting, or for just taking the trash can down the driveway, Kahtoola has you covered. Their Microspikes are our favorite lightweight solution for hikes in the mountains and the Nanospikes are perfect for icy days around town.

MSR Liquid Fuel Stoves & Accessories – 25% Off

The MSR WhisperLite is one of the most popular stoves for winter camping, because it’s among the lightest, smallest, and least expensive liquid-fuel stoves on the market. We love it because it’s much quieter than many other roaring liquid fuel stoves and it’s simple to use. Learn more about the Whisperlite on our Best Backpacking Stoves list.

Other Great Deals

It was difficult for us to narrow our list down to only 30 gear items we were stoked about. Below are some additional deals:

  1. Danner Footwear – 25% Off
  2. Icebreaker Clothing – 25% Off
  3. Kammok Hammock & Accessories – 25% Off
  4. Kelty Kid Carriers – 25% Off
  5. Leki Trekking Poles – 25% Off
  6. Outdoor Research Hats, Gloves & Gaiters – 25% Off
The Yeti Trailhead chair is on a whopping 50% off

20% Off Coupons

In addition to all the great sale items, REI members can also take advantage of two coupons – one for 20% off one full-price item and one for 20% off an Outlet item. Remember to use coupon code GEARUP22 to apply your discount at checkout. Oh yeah, if you’re not an REI member, don’t fret! You can pick up a lifetime membership for $30 and still get to use the 20% off coupon.

Below are some of our favorite big-ticket items that would be great options for using your full-price coupon.

The Skyward 4 Tent & the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket make for a very cozy campsite & they’re both on sale