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40 Great Deals at REI’s Labor Day Sale 2023

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if purchases are made through those links. This adds no cost to our readers and helps us keep our site up and running. Our reputation is our most important asset, which is why we only provide completely honest and unbiased recommendations.

Summer is nearing an end, but that doesn’t mean the adventures have to stop. Fall is one of our team’s favorite seasons to explore in since it means cooler weather, fewer crowds, and less bugs on the trail.

On top of that, one of REI’s best sales of the year – the Labor Day Sale – is happening from August 25-September 4th and includes some of our favorite backpacking, hiking, and camping gear. In addition to deep discounts, REI members have access to some exclusive sale items, and they’ll receive an extra 20% off one outlet item with coupon code: LABORDAY23.

We scoured the sale to find the hottest deals on top ranking items from our Gear Guides. Here’s what we’re most stoked on in this year’s sale.

Not a Member Yet?

Oh yeah, if you’re not an REI member, don’t fret! You can pick up a lifetime membership for $30 and still get to use the 20% off coupon. So, your lifetime membership will pretty much pay for itself with one big purchase. Here are some of the reasons all of us here at CleverHiker have been REI members for years:

Knowledgeable and friendly staff – We always have an awesome experience with the sales and customer service staff. They’re friendly and helpful, and they really know their stuff!
Save money – There are so many benefits to membership, but some of our favorites are access to 20% off coupons a few times a year, 10% dividend back on full-price purchases, access to the used gear Garage Sale, and discounts on REI Adventures and in-store classes.
REI brand products are a great value – We generally find that REI brand products strike a great balance between quality and cost. The Magma line of sleeping bags and the Half Dome line of tents are some of our favorite products from their wide range of offerings.
REI has an excellent return policy – Customer service reigns supreme here. REI gives you 365 days to return or exchange items and we love the ability to buy online and return in store.
REI is getting into the ultralight game – We’re pretty stoked to see REI jumping into the ultralight arena. They’re now stocking their shelves with UL retailers, such as Hyperlite Mountain Gear, as well as upgrading many of their REI brand product lines to focus on fast and light gear.



Altra Lone Peaks have long been the flagship shoe of lightweight hikers due to their low weight, grippy outsole, and roomy fit. The 7th iteration of the LPs (Men’s / Women’s) just might be our favorite – they’re more durable, and have a dialed-in fit. The Lone Peaks landed top spots on our Best Hiking Shoes for Men / Women and Best Trail Running Shoes for Men / Women lists.

All KEEN Footwear – 25% Off

KEEN Targhees are built with a wide toe box and they require very little break-in to achieve a comfy fit. We recommend the Targhee III Mids (Men’s / Women’s) if you need ankle support and the Targhee III Low (Men’s / Women’s) if you want something a little less bulky. Get more info about the Targhees on our Best Hiking Boots for Men / Women and Best Hiking Shoes for Men / Women lists.

La Sportiva Hiking & Running Footwear – 25% Off

La Sportiva makes a plethora of high quality hiking and running shoes. The Bushido trail running shoes (Men’s / Women’s) have awesome traction and feel very stable on rough terrain. The Nucleo Highs (Men’s / Women’s) are super comfy, and they’re exceptionally lightweight for how rugged they are. Both models rank highly on ourBest Hiking Boots for Men / Women and Best Trail Running Shoes for Men / Women.

Oboz Bridgers & Sawtooths – 25% Off

Stock image of women's OBOZ Sawtooth X Low WP hiking shoe on a white background

Oboz is known for their premium insoles that provide unrivaled support, and now’s your chance to snag a pair of their Bridgers or Sawtooths at a great price. The well-cushioned Sawtooth X Low Hiking Shoes (Men’s / Women’s) and Bridger Mids (Men’s / Women’s) are featured on our lists of the Best Hiking Shoes for Men / Women and Best Hiking Boots for Men / Women.



Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 & UL3 – 25% Off

The Copper Spur HV UL2 and UL3 are some of Big Agnes’ best-sellers, and they’re among our all-time favorite backpacking tents. The ultralight freestanding design of the Copper Spur enables hikers to pitch almost anywhere, and it doesn’t sacrifice convenience, weather protection, or livability. The UL2 has enough space for two regular-width sleeping pads and some gear, while the UL3 is roomy enough for two wide pads and keeping all of your gear inside.

REI Half Dome Tents – 30% Off

The REI Half Dome series of tents are a good value for those wanting a tent that’s practical for both backpacking and car camping. These tents provide a good balance of durability, interior space, and affordability, and their freestanding design makes them easy to set up. Our favorite size for backpacking is the 2 Plus, and the 3 Plus is more comfortable and spacious for car camping. The Half Dome tents are featured on our Best Camping Tents and Best Backpacking Tents lists.

NEMO Aurora Highrise 4P & 6P – 25% Off

NEMO Aurora Highrise 4. Bright blue tent

The NEMO Aurora Highrise is a great tent for those wanting something spacious and easy to set up. We love the big door on the front and the fact that you can see out of the windows on all four sides – even when it’s raining. This tent is made with high-quality materials, so it’s ready to rock if a storm comes your way. And it’s plenty durable, so it’ll last for many years if you treat it with care. Learn more about the Aurora Highrise on our Best Camping Tents list.

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 & UL3 Tent – 25% Off

Ounce-counting hikers will love the ultralight, semi-freestanding design of the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 and UL3. With enough structure to perform well in inclement weather, but a weight that’s barely noticeable in your pack – the Tiger Wall is a more convenient alternative to non-freestanding ultralight tents. The Tiger Wall has a lot to love for ultralight backpackers and is on our Best Backpacking Tents list.

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 – 25% Off

This Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 is among the lightest double-wall, semi-freestanding tents on the market. It has a similar floor plan to theBig Agnes Tiger Wall, but the Fly Creek only has one door and vestibule which limits its livability. Still, many hikers love it for its miniscule weight, and it earned a mention on our list of the Best Backpacking Tents.

Sleep System


Exped Megamat Duo & Single – 30% Off

The Exped MegaMat Duo / Single are two of the most luxurious camp mattresses we’ve ever tested. They’re four inches thick, so you won’t feel pressure points or bottom-out if you toss and turn. The Megamat self-inflates, so all you have to do is top it off for the perfect pressure. And when your trip is over, the one-way deflation valve and top-loading stuff sack make packing up quick and easy. The Megamat is at the top of our Best Camping Mattresses list.

Exped Megasleep 25/40 – 30% Off

The Exped MegaSleep 25/40 (single / double) is great for those who want one space-saving sleeping bag that can adapt to different temperatures and conditions. Use the bag with the dark blue side on the top to keep you warm in temperatures down to freezing, or flip it over and have the less insulated light blue side up for warm summer nights. The Megasleep bag is one of our top sleeping bag picks for car camping.

Big Agnes King Solomon Double – 25% Off

The Big Agnes King Solomon sleeping bag is a great choice for pairs who want top-of-the-line comfort and quality for summer trips. It’s insulated with 650-fill-power down for efficient warmth and packability. The built-in pad and pillow sleeves reduce slipping, and keep everything right where you want it for a more restful night. Get more info about the King Solomon on our list of the Best Camping Sleeping Bags.

NEMO Roamer – 25% Off

The NEMO Roamer XL Wide weighs a few ounces less than comparable pads and it’s about half the size of others when packed. On top of that, there are a lot of little details that make the Roamer truly great, like flat zero-profile valves, a welcoming fabric sleep surface, and toggles to hitch two or more mattresses together. If you want to have all the comfort of an XL thick mattress and save space at the same time, the Roamer is one of the most ideal options from our list of the Best Camping Mattresses.

Big Agnes Rapide SL – 25% Off

The Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated is a super cushy, durable, and warm sleeping pad for 3-season adventures. Where the Rapide differentiates itself from other pads is its large side rails that help to keep you centered on the pad throughout the night. The Rapide is also 3.5 inches thick, making it one of the thickest backpacking pads on the market. At 19 ounces, the Rapide is among the heavier pads on our list of the Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads, but its unique comfort and affordable price point still make it a great choice for many backpackers.



Osprey Atmos 65 & Aura 65 – 25% Off

If comfort reigns supreme for you and you don’t mind carrying some extra weight into the backcountry, the Osprey Atmos 65 (Men’s) & Aura 65 (Women’s) are great options. Thanks to their ample padding and beefy suspension, these packs transfer weight to the hips much better than any lightweight pack. The Atmos and Aura are fan favorites in many backpacking circles, and they rank highly on our Best Backpacking Backpacks list.

REI Flash 55 – 30% Off

The REI Flash 55 (Men’s / Women’s) backpacking pack is an affordable option for hikers looking to keep their pack weight down. This pack has a comfy hip belt, a supportive foam back panel, and a removable top lid. One of our favorite features of the Flash backpacking packs is what REI refers to as Packmod – the straps and pockets can be reconfigured into a whole bunch of combinations. The Flash 55 is a top pick on our list of the Best Backpacking Backpacks.

Osprey Talon 22 & Tempest 20 – 25% Off

The Osprey Talon 22 (Men’s) and Tempest 20 (Women’s) are our top picks on our list of the Best Hiking Daypacks. They provide an exceptional balance of comfort, convenience, and functionality. With cushy hip belts, padded shoulder straps, and ventilated back panels, the Talon and Tempest ride very comfortably on the trail. These packs have plenty of room for a full day adventure and convenient storage compartments to keep our gear organized nicely.

Camelbak Hydrobak – 25% Off

The ultralight CamelBak HydroBak (Men’s / Women’s) is a sleek, minimalist hydration pack that’s comfortable and easy to move in. It’s primarily intended to carry water and has very little gear capacity, so it’s best for short outings. The included Crux Hydration Reservoir is easy to clean due to its wide-mouth opening, and the large handle makes filling up hassle-free. Learn more on our Best Hydration Backpacks list.

Osprey Farpoint & Fairview Travel Packs – 25% Off

The Osprey Farpoint (Men’s sizes) and Fairview 40 (Women’s sizes) are comfortable and versatile bags with quality construction. They can be tailored to many different travel styles with the option to carry as a backpack, a briefcase, or a messenger bag. Learn more about the Farpoint and Fairview on our Best Travel Backpacks list.



REI 650 Down Jacket – 30% Off

The REI 650 Down Jacket (Men’s / Women’s) is a great option for lightweight adventurers on a budget. It’s made with lower-fill-power down, which means it’s not quite as technical and efficient as more expensive jackets, but we’re very happy with its performance for the price. The 650 Down is our favorite budget-friendly ultralight jacket on our Best Down Jackets list.

All Darn Tough Socks – 25% Off

Darn Tough offers some of our favorite socks on the market, including the top picks on our Best Hiking Socks list – the Micro Crew Cushion (Men’s / Women’s) and Micro Crew Light Cushion (Men’s / Women’s). They’re super comfortable and highly functional, but by far their greatest asset is their durability.

All REI Brand Rain Jackets & Pants – 30% Off

All REI brand rain jackets and pants are on deep discount right now. Our favorites for backpacking are the already budget-friendly Rainier Jacket and Pants. If you’re looking for something a bit more durable check out the XeroDry GTX Jacket (Men’s / Women’s). With so many options available, outdoor clothing can be pretty tough to pick. Take a look at our Best Rain Jackets and Best Rain Pants lists to find the perfect rain gear for your lifestyle.

REI Sahara Hiking Pants, Shorts & Shirts – 30% Off

Need a full hiking wardrobe overhaul? All REI Sahara hiking clothing is on sale, including favorites from our lists of the Best Hiking Pants for Men / Women, Best Hiking Shorts for Men / Women, and Best Sun Shirts. Some highlights include the pocket-filled Sahara Convertible Pants for utilitarian hikers, the versatile Sahara Shorts, and the sun protective Sahara Shade Hoodie.

PrAna Stretch Zion & Halle Hiking Pants – 25% Off

PrAna makes a lot of great hiking pants with a reputation for comfort and durability, but our favorites are the Stretch Zions for men and the Halle Pants for women. Both styles strike an excellent balance between trail-worthy performance and body-flattering fit. We’ve rocked the Stretch Zions and Halles for years, and both rank highly on our Best Hiking Pants for Men / Women lists.

PrAna Stretch Zion II Shorts – 25% Off

Prana clothing is known for having a great balance of style and longevity, and the Stretch Zion II Shorts certainly live up to that reputation. The fabric is stretchy, easy to move in, and thick yet breathable for durability and comfort. And those going for utility will like that the Zions offer a ton of secure storage without feeling or looking frumpy like some other cargo shorts. We listed the Stretch Zions as the best value on our Best Hiking Shorts guide.

Kuhl Deceptr Pants – 25% Off

The minimalist Kuhl Deceptr Pants have a sleek look, thoughtful pocket design, and a comfortable fit. The fabric on the Deceptr pants is lightweight and stretchy, so they perform very well whether you’re traveling, hitting the trail after a day around town, or backpacking. Check out how they compare to others on our list of the Best Hiking Pants for Men.

All REI Brand Base Layers – 30% Off

Base layers are awesome for adding a ton of warmth to your clothing system without adding much weight. We’ve been using REI Base Layers on backpacking trips for years. We’re partial to the Midweight Top (Men’s / Women’s) and Base Layer Bottoms (Men’s / Women’s), but REI makes a wide variety of styles to suit your taste. For more info on creating an effective backpacking clothing system, visit our Best Base Layers and Hiking Clothing 101 posts.

All Columbia Clothing – 25% Off

Columbia is known for making quality clothing at a value price. Several Columbia items found their way onto our clothing guides, but some of our absolute favorites are the flattering Saturday Trail Pants from our list of the Best Hiking Pants for Women and the budget friendly Steens Mountain (Men’s)/Benton Springs (Women’s) jackets from our Best Fleece Jackets list.

Other Gear


Hydro Flask is known for top-notch insulation, eye-catching color, and excellent accessories. We’ve used a bunch of different Hydro Flask products, and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’re particular fans of the 32 oz. Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle and the Lightweight Series Bottles. Check out our Best Water Bottles list to see more about our favorite Hydro Flask bottles and accessories.

All Black Diamond Headlamps – 25% Off

All Black Diamond headlamps are on sale, but the Black Diamond Spot 400 is our favorite and is a top pick from our Best Headlamps List. It’s sleek, comfortable, and stays the brightest for the longest out of any of the headlamps we tested. We highly recommend this feature-rich, high-quality headlamp and we think its price point makes it an exceptional value buy compared to the competition.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter – 25% off

The Sawyer Squeeze has been a mainstay on our Best Backpacking Water Filters List for years. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 3 oz., very compact, and is quite affordable. While squeezing the bag can become tedious over time, we find the Sawyer Squeeze to be one of the more convenient water filters on the market – no pumping, no wait times.

Jetboil Flash – 25% Off

For hikers who mostly use a stove for boiling water to rehydrate freeze-dried meals, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Jetboil Flash. If you’re looking for the fastest and most convenient stove for backpacking, The Flash is one of the fastest and most convenient stoves for backpacking, which made it a top choice on our Best Backpacking Stove List.

All Rumpl Blankets – 25% Off

The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket is like a cozy comforter that’s made for the outdoors. It’s highly resistant to moisture and dirt, so it easily sheds spills, debris, or pet hair with a quick shake. We like this blanket for wrapping up in camp or to use on top of a summer sleeping bag for extra warmth when temperatures dip. The Original Puffy is our top pick on our Best Camping Blankets list because it’s affordable for the quality and it comes in a huge variety of colors.

Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter – 25% Off

The convenience of the Platypus GravityWorks is tough to beat, especially for groups. To use the GravityWorks, simply fill up the “dirty” water bag, hang it above the “clean” bag, and let gravity do its thing. The main benefit? No tedious pumping or squeezing required. See how the Gravityworks compares to other water filters on our Best Water Filters list.

REI Brand Camp Furniture – 30% Off

A good chair can really take your camping game to the next level. The Camp Skyward Chair is a simple, affordable option that’s great for sitting around a campfire, at the beach, or just about anywhere. The Camp X ranks highly on our Best Camping Chairs list. To complete the setup, pick up the REI Co-op Camp Prep Table. We named it best overall on our Best Camping Tables list because it’s sturdy, stable, and has a slatted aluminum tabletop that’s heat resistant and easy to clean.

Eureka Ignite Stoves – 25% Off

The portable and convenient Eureka Ignite 2-Burner Stove is perfect for cooking up gourmet meals around the campfire. Its push button ignitor makes it easy to use, and the simmer control function allows for precise cooking. If you’ll be cooking for a larger group, you may want to upgrade to the Ignite Plus for the wider burners. Check out the Ignite Plus on our Best Camping Stoves list.

All Leki Trekking Poles – 25% Off

If you haven’t jumped on the trekking pole hype train yet, check out our Pros and Cons of Hiking with Trekking Poles post to see why we like them. Leki’s Khumbu Lite trekking poles are some of our favorites for their low weight and durable build. See how the Micro Varios compare to other trekking poles on our Best Trekking Poles list.

Platypus QuickDraw Filter – 25% Off

The Platypus QuickDraw MicroFilter is one of the most durable squeeze filters on the market, so it’s a great choice for thru-hikers or anyone who’s tough on gear. The reservoir that comes with the QuickDraw is sturdy, taste-free, and has a convenient handle that makes filling it easy. Its tough build, fast flow rate, and premium reservoir earned it a spot on our list of the Best Water Filters.

REI Brand Coolers – 30% Off

REI has a large line of coolers that range from flat-packs to backpacks. We own the Pack Away Cooler in multiple sizes, and we love them because they take up virtually no space when not in use and they have a convertible design that turns them into a lunchbox. The Pack-Away is featured on our Best Coolers list. The Cool Trail Split Pack is a unique backpack-style cooler that’s perfect for carrying everything you need for a day out.

MSR Windburner Stove – 25% Off

We love canister stove systems because they’re easy to use, great in windy conditions, and efficient. This stove type works best for folks who typically only need to heat water for coffee and backpacking meals, but you do still have some control over the strength of the flame for cooking with the Windburner. You can find more info about the Windburner on our Best Backpacking Stoves list.

Camelbak Crux Reservoirs – 25% Off

The Crux Hydration Reservoir is easy to clean due to its wide-mouth opening, and the large handle makes filling up hassle-free. This reservoir comes in a variety of sizes, but we think the 2L model is usually plenty of water capacity and it fits most daypacks comfortably. Learn more about the Crux on our Best Hydration Packs list.

Up to 50% off Clearance

The season of new gear releases is upon us which means last year’s colors and designs are going on clearance. If you don’t mind being a little behind on the latest fashion trends and gear updates, this is the perfect time to grab some big ticket items (like footwear and tents) at a deep discount.

In addition, from August 25th-September 4th members can save an extra 20% off one REI Outlet item using coupon code LABORDAY23.